Anderson, MO – Firefighters say at a 12:15 a.m. Monday they received calls from as far away as a mile from the home of Mitch and Jack Hatfield on Highway F.

Officials say the couple smelled gas in the home.Jack got out of bed to find where the gas was coming from.He was about to turn off their outside propane tank when their house exploded in flames.

Emergency responders say glass, windows, and other debris were thrown 20 feet away from the home.

Mitch survived the blast, but early Monday afternoon, officials recovered the body of her husband, Jack.

Firefighters say whenever a person smells gas in their home – be safe, get out and call 911.

“First priority in a gas leak situation is going to be don’t touch any lights, don’t touch any phones,” says Anderson Fire Chief Shelby Turner.”Get up, get out, call from someplace else.Propane, whenever it gets to a correct mixture, a telephone, a light switch, anything can ignite it.We have no idea what ignited this fire.”

Mitch is still distraught from the accident and planned on spending Monday night at her daughter’s home in Neosho, Missouri.