Rockledge, Fla.- A man escaped death or serious injury when he left his home just 20 minutes before a propane tank nearly leveled it Wednesday.

Neighbors heard the explosion and called 911.

Police officers arrived before the fire department and said smoke billowed from the house in the 800 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. They checked the house to see if anyone was trapped when they observed a dog inside.

Police began breaking windows in an effort to free the dog from the smoke.

“When we started to walk away, the dog was hanging out the window,” said officer Ivette Gomez. “We went back to help him out.”

The dog sustained a cut to the nose.

The occupant of the house was shocked when he returned home to find firefighters checking the rubble of his home. He was happy to learn his dog had been saved.

Investigators said the fire was caused by a propane gas explosion.Crews did keep the fire from spreading to a nearby house.