Silverhill, AL – Carbon monoxide appears to be the cause of death for at least one Silverhill woman last week.

“The preliminary autopsy results are back on Samantha Combs which states she died from lethal amounts of carbon monoxide poisoning, the case however is still under investigation,” said an e-mail from Baldwin County Coroner Stan Vinson.

A mother and daughter, Combs, 18, and her mother, Donna Henderson, 52, were found just before midnight Monday, March 8 in their mobile home.

The pair, Silverhill Police Chief Kim Wasdin said, were last seen late Friday night.

Vinson said that a friend of Combs left a note on Combs’ car Sunday, March 7.

When the friend found the note still on Combs’ car, the friend called someone who used to live with the mother and daughter and still had a key. The pair entered, saw a body and contacted police.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that binds with what would be normally oxygen-carrying molecules in the blood. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, unvented kerosene and gas heaters and leaking chimneys and furnaces, are some of the most common sources of the gas in homes.