Binghamton, NY- WCAX – A fire official says a Binghamton-area mother’s quick thinking may have saved the lives of several people.

The woman had picked up her son from a friend’s house in Endwell on Sunday when she noticed he had symptoms that suggested he could be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Assistant Fire Chief Tom Kutz says the woman called authorities to report the possible problem at the friend’s house as she rushed her son to a hospital.

Kutz says when fire crews arrived at the house, they found about nine people, all showing signs of carbon monoxide exposure.

The fire department official says the occupants — including young children, teenagers and adults — were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Kutz says the carbon monoxide concentration in the house was more than three times the level that would have set off a detector. He says an exhaust pipe from a furnace somehow had been dislodged, causing the potentially-deadly gas to be released into the home.