Portsmouth, NH – Accidents can be prevented, deaths need not happen, stupidity has no boundaries and being unprepared is a NO-NO! Read on and try not to chuckle as some of these stories are tragic.

A Maine ice fisherman asked wardens Josh Smith and Tony Gray to take him to the hospital after the wardens came upon him in a disoriented state outside of his ice shack. The man had been inside his shack with a propane heater that may not have had proper ventilation. Carbon monoxide poisoning was suspected. Earlier, a 70-year-old man who was out coyote hunting from his ice shack was found dead inside the shack. According to wardens, there was no ventilation and propane heaters were on. The death was under investigation by a sheriff’s office.

If you follow this column, then you know that I have repeated many times to keep the door open if you are running a propane heater or a generator. Common sense, folks!