Clinton Co, MO – An explosion rocked a home and neighbors in Clinton County Monday evening, leveling the house.

All that is left of the house is its foundation, as some witnesses said the structure of the house shot a number of feet into the air in the blast.

“My neighbor was mowing a mile and a half away,” Ray Stone, the homeowner said. “He said he saw the house raise up above the trees and settle back down — or what’s left of it.”

Clinton County police said they think a gas line caused the explosion, as Stone kept the utilities on.

“Just like taking a piece out of you to lose something like this,” Stone said.

The house that blew up was 15 years old, but had been unoccupied for years. Stone said it still held a lot of sentimental value, and plenty of sentimental things from Stone’s parents, who passed two decades ago.

Stone said he was consoled to find some of those things untouched by the explosion, like his mother’s serving plate and the title to a 1949 Chevy he shared with his parents.

“My first car. I bought it when I was just 18,” Stone said.

The blast was reported by residents several miles away, including some in the city of Lathrop.

“They felt the windows rattling,” Kathryn Kirk, Stone’s ex-wife said. “And there were reports they felt the windows rattling in Lathrop.”

Stone said he checked on the house daily and said he was grateful he wasn’t at the house at the time of the explosion. He had been at the house, filling up the propane at 11 a.m. Monday.

“How lucky I am I wasn’t here or anyone else, for that matter,” Stone said.