Eudora, KS – The Eudora News – A former Eudora city councilman was sent to a Kansas City hospital Sunday afternoon with carbon monoxide poisoning after a possible gas leak at his residence.

Eudora and Lawrence-Douglas County Fire and Medical crews arrived in the 900 block of Pine Street around 3:30 p.m. after authorities were called to the home of former Councilman Rex Burkhardt.

According to Burkhardt’s sister, Janet Taylor, he had been ill since Thursday and family members had not been able to get a response from him since Friday morning.

Another sister, Donna Oleson, went to check on him Sunday after numerous phone calls and paging attempts had been made. After knocking on the door and windows and not getting a response, Oleson called her sister and brother-in-law to the home, where they found Burkhardt unconscious.

The paramedics were then called. Burkhardt quickly awoke and was responsive when paramedics transported him to the hospital.

Oleson said Burkhardt’s carbon monoxide level was found to be 16.7 parts per million. He was treated in an oxygen chamber at the hospital and released into family care late Sunday night.

Eudora Deputy Fire Chief Mike Underwood said the source of the carbon monoxide in Burkhardt’s home was still under investigation, and he couldn’t tell whether there was a gas leak or if it came from a different source.

Underwood said this type of problem is common in the winter when people run their furnaces more often, and said that buying and using a carbon monoxide detector could typically prevent similar incidents in residents’ homes.