Colorado Springs, CO – Colorado Springs police are investigating the deaths of a local couple, they said possibly caused from carbon monoxide.

Neighbors told 11 News it was the couple’s daughter who called police when she couldn’t get a hold of her parents Friday night. We’re told she last talked to them Wednesday morning.

When police got to the home in the 1400 block of N. Murray, they found the victims’ vehicle in the garage and a lot of mail. Suspicions raised, they went inside, where they found the bodies of a man and woman.

Carbon monoxide is believed to have played a part, but authorities are still uncertain if that is the only cause.

This has a lot of neighbors concerned and thinking about their own safety.

“I’m just in shock that (carbon monoxide is) what they could’ve died of. I think i’m going to go check (my detector),” one neighbor said.

The Heggins family has lived across the street for nearly three decades. They told 11 News that hearing the deaths could be from carbon monoxide, they decided to get a detector to protect their own families.

“It is pretty scary because you hear things, that people die in their sleep because of it, and it is called the silent killer,” Natascha Heggins said. “(The couple was) pretty sweet and quiet and nice and we’re going to miss them.”

Investigators have not said if the couple had a carbon monoxide detector, but firefighters recommend you have one on each level of your house.

The El Paso County coroner is now conducting an autopsy.