Strasburg Township, PA – An elderly woman and 10-year-old boy were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning after an incident Wednesday at a Strasburg Township home.

Emergency personnel were called to 4 Reservoir Road just after 6:30 p.m.

The woman called for help when she and boy began feeling ill, according to Strasburg Fire Chief Rick Wentz.

The two were taken to the hospital after high levels of the gas were found in their blood, he said.

He said carbon monoxide levels in the home were measured at 500 parts per million. The colorless, odorless gas becomes toxic to adults at 35 ppm.

Wentz said the carbon monoxide was traced to a generator that was being used to provide electric to the home, which was left without power after Wednesday morning’s ice storm.

A short time later, crews were called to a carbon monoxide incident about 1½ miles away on Summit Hill Drive.

Wentz said a resident there also had lost power and was using a generator.

Levels in the basement, where the generator was located, were 800 ppm, Wentz said. Levels on an upper floor were 215 ppm.

Wentz said the resident was not feeling ill and was alerted by a carbon monoxide detector.

Fire crews ventilated both homes until levels decreased.