Branford, CT – WTNH,Jodi Latina-A family in Branford was almost killed by dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas in their home.

Just out of the hospital, Jennifer Liguori and her family are saying their prayers.

Jennifer Liguori says,”We had no idea until a bunch of them ran up the stairs.”

Firefighters woke this Branford family up at six this morning.

Their home at 51 chestnut street was filled with poisonous carbon monoxide gas.

Liguori says,”I know it’s a silent killer. Can’t smell it. Gas and that’s when we came rushing down the stairs.”

Fire officials say the neighbor to the left forgot to turn off his car, parked in the closed garage and for six hours the colorless odorless gas was filling the two family home.

It is a home with no carbon monoxide detectors.

Fire crews sampled the air quality in the garage where the car was running and immediately got a reading that could have been lethal.

Deputy Chief Ron Mullen, Branford Fire Dept., says,”Our equipment actually maxed out – couldn’t even go that high.”

Firefighters also tested victims with a breath meter. In all, 9 people were rushed to the hospital.

Authorities say a number of things gave his family a fighting chance- a quick thinking dispatcher, the 911 call from a semi-conscious neighbor, and a car gas tank that wasn’t full.

Mullen says,”Had it been a full tank of gas it would still be running.”

Six of the victims were treated and released. Three are still in the hospital. One woman is in stable condition, and two are getting treatment in the hyperbaric chamber at Norwalk Hospital. Both of them are in satisfactory condition.