San Mateo,CA – Daily Journal – Eleven San Mateo residents remain evacuated from their homes after firefighters detected dangerous levels of carbon monoxide Friday, San Mateo Deputy Fire Marshal Carl Kustin said Sunday.

The exhaust from a gasoline-powered generator produced the carbon monoxide, according to Kustin. The generator was located in the kitchen of the main house at 17 Mclellan Ave., and was being used because the home had no power.

A family friend arrived at the home and smelled the odor. The same individual found a female resident unconscious and noticed that the unconscious woman’s two children appeared sick, according to Kustin. All three victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to be fine.

Residents of a small housing unit and motor home located on the same property were also evacuated.

The home’s electrical power and gas were turned off due to unpaid Pacific Gas & Electric Co. bills, according to the investigation. The Red Cross has been notified of the unpaid bills, Kustin said.

The San Mateo Fire Department reported there were several extension cords reaching from the main home to the separate unit and motor home, which created a hazardous condition.

Power will be restored after the hazard is cleared, Kustin said.