Upper Darby, PA – WPVI-TV — It’s the case of a carbon monoxide scare and a hero dispatcher who doesn’t consider himself a hero in Delaware County. That’s where 5 people were transported to the hospital, thanks to the actions of a quick-thinking dispatcher.

Carbon monoxide is the odorless, colorless gas, that they call the silent killer. It suffocates its victims, sometimes before they even realize what was wrong. Luckily, a Delaware County dispatcher realized there was something going wrong at this Upper Darby home – before it was too late.

The call went out at 8:32 this morning. a woman living at 515 Blythe Avenue dialed 911. the dispatcher says she reported something awry at the home – but she wasn’t making much sense on the phone.

Lew Epright, Jr./DELAWARE COUNTY DISPATCHER: “They sounded confused, like, they kept saying someone fell down the steps, another person was unconscious, and they had a strange odor in the house.”

Lew Epright, a dispatcher for 15 years, decided this could be a case of carbon monoxide poisoning. He dispatched several rescuer units – the first fire truck arrived within five minutes of the 911 call.

The five occupants of the home were rushed to two area hospitals. the home’s carbon monoxide content, was at a dangerous level – ten times above the safe limit.

Epright, who is also a volunteer firefighter in Upper Darby, doesn’t want to think about being called a hero. He just wants to be ready for that next call of distress.