Willingsboro, NJ- A 48-year-old Hispanic man from Willingboro, New Jersey died Saturday due to very high readings of carbon monoxide inside his home.

Willingboro Emergency Services responded, Saturday morning, at about 11:30AM, to a 911 call reporting that there was something wrong with the people within the residence on Melrose Lane.

When police arrived, they found a 18-year-old Hispanic male on the first floor, who was conscious but complaining of dizziness and fatigue.He was taken to Lourdes Medical Center in Willingboto, and then transferred to University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

When officials reached the second victim on the second floor of the home, he was unconscious and unresponsive.He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Willingboro Fire Department reported very high readings of carbon monoxide inside the home when they arrived.

Public Service Gas and Electric responded to the incident and found that the heater chimney was blocked by a bird’s nest, which caused the carbon monoxide to build up inside the home. The victims’ names have not yet been released.