Newport News, VA – Crews from the Newport News Fire Department were called to the DaVita Dialysis Center located at 711 79th Street for a patient — and ended up with a case of carbon monoxide.

Firefighters say that they were called to the center about a patient who was reportedly feeling weak at the center. However, crews were alerted to high levels of the carbon monoxide by sensors that they carry with them.

As medics entered the building, the detectors attached to a medical bag began registering a 54 parts per million reading in the patient treatment area. When crews entered the mechanical room of the building, the sensors registered a reading of 240 parts per million.

The building was evacuated after that reading, and the business has been closed for the day.

An investigation later determined that the cause of the carbon monoxide was a result of the a chimney exhaust pipe that had been separated from the ceiling above. The building was condemned.

Firefighters tweeted about the incident shortly after 10:40 a.m. on Friday.

No injuries have been reported in the incident.