Fairmont, W.V. – A family in Fairmont call 911 after being exposed to a deadly amount of carbon monoxide.

EMS and fire crews helped rush the whole family family to the hospital after finding levels of gas over 30 times the normal levels.

There conditions are unknown, but two adults and two children were taken to the hospital.

Crews thinks a bad furnace or hot water heater might be to blame for poisoning their home on Bell Run Road, but there are ways of preventing it from happening to you.

Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer for it’s odorless, colorlessform, that’s why this family didn’t know they were getting sick.

A simple thing you could do is buy a carbon monoxide detector, they range anywhere from $20 to $50 at Home Depot, and some even have voice alert.

Authorities say, if you’re suffering from constant headaches, feel dizzy, or have flu like symptoms call 911.

Harrison County EMS Chief of Operations Stephen McIntire says, fire crews and gas companies will be more than happy to come check the gas levels in your home.

Kids and elderly folks are more susceptible to the gas, so check in with with your loved ones.