Columbus, OH – Ten people from a home in Delaware County were taken to three area hospitals; all are victims of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Two month old Tiffany Marchio is still in recovering at Children’s hospital, and she’ll stay overnight just to make sure she’s okay. Nine others have already been treated and released.

This morning a divorced dad came to the house to pick up his kids for the weekend. He’s the one who realized that something was wrong with the seven children in the house.

“They pretty much couldn’t walk at all,” Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Frontz told us. “Initially at the doorway we had an indication of pretty high levels…went on in and had way over 200 parts per million inside the residence.”

Very dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

“Anything over 100 parts we’re gonna evacuate the building,” Frontz said.

The family says they thought they were just sick.

“My mom and my uncle’s girlfriend, they were actually throwing up this morning. They thought it was just the flu,” says John Kroninger, a relative of one of the victims.

Firefighters say it was the furnace — an old one that had been repaired before, but this time the owner isn’t taking any chances, a new furnace was delivered within hours.

“It could have been a few more hours it could have been a different story,” Deputy Chief Frontz said.

The other six children and three adults affected by the gas are recovering with relatives.