Columbus, OH – Carbon monoxide seeped into an east Columbus home, claiming the life of a teenager.

The deceased is 15-year-old Jimmy Truros, a student at Whitehall High School. His mother, 31-year-old Ammie Truros, was taken to OSU Hospital in critical condition.

Officials say the cause of the leak was a faulty heater exchange in a furnace. The family reportedly just regained the power in their home Tuesday.

The fire department was called to the home, and when they arrived, Ammie answered the door, but they say she was incoherent and unable to answer any questions. Jimmy was unconscious on the floor.

Carbon monoxide poisoning was suspected, and Ammie was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Jimmy had already died.

Her boss at the pizza shop where she works says he suspected something was wrong when she didn’t come into work and he was unable to reach her by phone. He drove by her home, and that’s when he learned what happened.

Aaron Spencer, Ammie’s friend and co-worker, says, “It’s pretty shocking. Get your carbon monoxide tester. I just bought mine, and after hearing this, that’s the best thing I have ever done.”

Officials say they tested the air for carbon monoxide and that the levels were through the roof.