McCall, ID – Guests at a McCall motel had a bit of a scare Feb. 10, when a propane-fueled heater malfunctioned at the motel pool, poisoning 10 people.

This morning’s McCall Star-News reports that the guests at America’s Best Value Inn began complaining of headaches after visiting the motel’s pool and spa room. Fire officials confirmed that 10 guests had symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and a 3-month-old infant was take by ambulance to St. Luke’s McCall hospital. A few other adults were taken to the hospital in private cars. All of the guests, including the infant, were treated and released.

Motel officials said they ventilated the area with fans, and offered guests to relocate them to rooms away from the pool or to another motel.

The Star-News reports that the Feb. 10 incident was the second case of mass carbon monoxide poisoning in the past two months. Fourteen people were overcome by poisoning on Dec. 31, 2013, in a home near Donnelly when a propane-powered heater did not exhaust properly. All were treated at St. Luke’s McCall hospital.