Columbus, OH – Residents of a West Side apartment complex claim to have felt the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning for several weeks before high levels of the gas were measured on Monday morning.

Medics examined 10 tenants at the S. Hague Avenue complex after firefighters measured the carbon monoxide level at 100 parts-per-million. Two victims were transported to the OSU Wexner Medical Center for further treatment.

Residents of the complex have reported experiencing flu-like symptoms for nearly two months.

“I’ve never had a headache as bad as I’ve had a headache since I’ve lived here, and it won’t go away,” Jennifer Bowman said.

The victims who were hospitalized were exposed to carbon monoxide for only a few days while staying at the apartment of their son, Joseph Couy, who said he was also sickened by the gas.

“I kept feeling light-headed and dizzy — throwing up,” Couy said. “I knew something wasn’t right, because every time I left my apartment, I felt fine.”

Maintenance workers attribute the gas leak to pipes that became dislodged from hot water heaters in two apartments.

The owner of the building said he plans to take whatever measures are necessary to repair the leak.