Enon, OH – A carbon monoxide leak forced the closing of Enon Elementary School on Tuesday.

Repairs are expected to be made in time for school at 120 S. Xenia Drive to be open on Wednesday, said Greenon Local Schools Superintendent Brad Silvus.

As the building’s custodian arrived Tuesday morning, he noticed sensors going off in the basement, Silvus said. After attempting repairs, the custodian called the Mad River/Enon Twp. Fire Dept. to clear the area. The district’s heating contractor discovered the boiler was clogged, forcing school to be closed, Silvus said.

“We’ll be ready to go for (Wednesday),” Silvus said.

If the broken boiler isn’t fixed, the building’s second boiler will be functioning, Silvus said. The boilers are expected to be inspected this year, he said.

No children are exposed to the basement, but the district took every precaution to be safe, he said.

“That’s our highest priority,” Silvus said.

The situation is frustrating because it’s cost instructional time for the students and causes scheduling issues for parents, Silvus said. Earlier this school year, the building was forced to evacuate after water got into the heating system, he said.

“It’s one of those things that unfortunate,” he said. “Nobody plans for it, but with older buildings, it happens.”

Silvus was unsure how much it would cost to repair the boiler, but said it typically costs about $150,000 to purchase a replacement.

“It’s not a small expense to replace it,” he said.