Ann Arbor, MI – Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor is closed after a carbon monoxide leak prompted an emergency evacuation Monday, Oct. 23, with some employees taken to a hospital for treatment.

Co-owner Ari Weinzweig said a carbon monoxide issue was reported by employees in the basement area of the restaurant at 2501 Jackson Ave. the morning of Monday, Oct. 23.

“As soon as we recognized it, we evacuated the building and had the fire department and all the maintenance people and DTE out there,” Weinzweig said.

Six employees were transported to an area hospital for treatment related to lightheadedness, Weinzweig said.

He had just left the restaurant about an hour before employees became aware of the carbon monoxide leak, Weinzweig said, and was not present when it was called in.

He said the employees transported for treatment were doing well.

“They’ve all been treated, according to what we’re hearing,” Weinzweig said. “Everybody’s doing just fine.”

The carbon monoxide leak was a result of malfunctioning equipment in the basement area, he said, and a temporary fix is in place with a more permanent solution in the works.