Suffolk, VA – Today nearly 40 people in Suffolk were rushed to the hospital.

A carbon monoxide leak cleared a post office.

Many of the employees working at the Suffolk post office on Main Street started feeling dizzy and complaining of headaches.

As it turns out carbon monoxide was pouring out of a generator….at levels seven times higher than what’s considered safe.

Suffolk Firefighters say two generators supplying power to the Post Office were blowing in the toxic gas.

All the while forty-one people inside kept working not knowing the levels could have killed them.

Many complained of headaches and dizziness, some turned red in the face, which is a sign of high levels of carbon monoxide in the system.

Firefighters evacuated the Post Office and sent everyone to the hospital.

The Post Office put the generators on the back porch to supply power after it was knocked out last night.

It says it has placed them in the same spot before.In the meantime, OSHA is investigating.