MN – WCCO – A hunch may have saved the lives of residents in a Twin Cities apartment building.

Nine families who call the Bass Lake Road Apartments in New Hope, Minn. home are living somewhere else right now, because high carbon monoxide levels made the building unlivable.

Resident Berna Super and her mother were having headaches, so she went out Monday night on a hunch and spent $46 on a carbon monoxide detector.

“Not even 10 minutes in the house, plugging it in, it was just singing like a bird,” Super said.

Super called 911 and investigators found a hot water heater in the building spewing more than eight times the safe level of carbon monoxide.

“All day, that’s all I’ve been thinking about, because I think, we would have never woke up had I not bought it,” Super said.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” one resident said to her. “If it weren’t for you all, me and my kids would be dead right now.”