Kingsford, MI – WLUC-TV – A Kinsgsford family nearly died Sunday after they had been breathing carbon monoxide gas for more than three days.The Howorth family thought they had the flu.

“We woke up with headaches, a little bit of nausea,” David Howorth, the homeowner said. “The kids were vomiting.”

But when a friend stopped by Sunday for a visit, all seven members of the family were sick. “I came in and said, ‘Something’s wrong,'” Pamela Little, the friend, said. “‘I smell something, something’s wrong. You have to get the children out of the house immediately.'”

They were taken to the hospital and found to have more than 300 parts per million of carbon monoxide in their bodies. That’s a nearly fatal level.

They’re now out of the hospital and living in a motel. And they’re thankful to be alive.