Billings, MT – A father and his son were hospitalized on Thursday after a propane furnace exploded in a truck bed camper on the South Side, said Billings Police Department Detective Steve Hallam.

The father, in his 50s, and his 18-year-old son were taken to St. Vincent Healthcare after the 11 a.m. incident, Hallam said.

The teenage son had been sleeping in the camper parked behind the father’s residence east of the 400 block of South 32nd Street, Hallam said.

“Dad came out, turned the propane tank on, told his son he was going to get the furnace going for him,” Hallam said.

When the father tried to start the propane furnace with a lighter, it exploded, blowing the north side of the camper out, Hallam said.

A leak in the propane tank may have caused the explosion, Hallam said.