Filled HomeCincinnati, OH – -A man rescued his teenage brother and the teen’s girlfriend from a mobile home filled with carbon monoxide, News 5’s Sheree Paolello reported.

Anthony Hopkins and his family had moved out of the home into a new house next door, but he went back Thursday night to get a few extra articles of clothing.

“I went over there, and my brother’s laying there with his girlfriend on top of him, and he started foaming at the mouth,” Hopkins said.

The fumes were so strong that Hopkins nearly passed out, too.

“I was in there for a maximum of a minute and a half to two minutes, and I could barely even stand up, dragging them out of the house,” he said.

Hopkins said he thought his little brother and the girl were goners.

“He was barely breathing,” he said. “We got him outside, and my dad and me tried to help him — get both of them to respond — for at least 20 minutes. No movement or nothing.”

Eventually Hopkins and his father called 911 for help. The two teens and their rescuer were taken to a hospital for treatment, but they’re expected to make a full recovery.

Firefighters said a gasoline-powered generator in the mobile home caused the carbon monoxide concentration to reach a dangerous level — more than 30 times the safe limit. The teen’s father said he put it in the mobile home because he didn’t think anyone would be back inside.