Brockton, Masachusetts – By Jean Porrazzo, Enterprise staff writer

Firefighters awakened four children early this morning and removed them from their Blossom Street home that was filled with carbon monoxide.

Police received a cell phone call just before 5 a.m. from a woman at 11 Blossom St. concerned that a family member seemed disoriented and was feeling sick, Deputy Fire Chief George Phillips said.

“She reported there was some type of gas in the house,” Phillips said.

Police alerted the Fire Department and when firefighters arrived, the two adults, a man and a woman, were outside, but the children were still inside the house, he said.

The children were ages 14, 8, 4 and 4 months, he said.

The names of the family members were not available this morning, and neighbors weren’t home.

According to assessors records, the home is owned by Florence Dorisca and Fritz Gabriel.

“Crews woke the children up and removed them from the house,” Phillips said.

Firefighters brought in carbon monoxide detectors that showed there were high levels in the house, he said.

The readings showed 500 parts per million of carbon monoxide and anything over 100 parts is a potential lethal threat, Phillips said.

The power was off in the house and the source of the carbon monoxide was a portable generator running in the cellar, he said.

Firefighters shut off the generator, opened all the windows in the house and brought in a fan to ventilate the house, he said.

“We still don’t know why the power was off,” Phillips said.

Family members, all conscious, were taken to local hospitals for evaluation, he said.