Boulder, CO – Boulder firefighters evacuated a woman, three dogs and two cats from the Canyon Apartments this morning following a carbon monoxide leak.

At around 9 a.m., a project manager overseeing renovations at the complex at 2121 Canyon Blvd. heard an alarm going off, according to a news release. Shortly after that, a woman living in the building reported feeling extremely sick and nauseous, and the manager called 911,

The woman, three dogs and two cats were all safely evacuated, and, so far, none have needed to be transported. The woman did not have a carbon monoxide alarm in her unit.

The level of carbon monoxide concentration was 499 parts per million, more than 50 times the maximum recommended indoor level of 9 parts per million.

Firefighters were able to track the leak to a boiler room. The building will need to be completely ventilated before construction crews are able to fix the boiler and residents can return. Because of the renovations, only 24 of the 60 units are currently occupied.