Knoxville, TN – On Tuesday, the Agri-Love family will join the Knoxville and Blount County fire departments to warn others about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and how to prevent them.

Local 8 News was first to tell you about a carbon monoxide poisoning that sent a family of three to the hospital. The Agre-Love family was using a generator to heat their RV trailer. The exhaust was under the trailer, pouring carbon monoxide into the living quarters.

On Tuesday, the family will join the fire departments and First Alert to announce the donation of 250 carbon monoxide alarms.

“The donation from First Alert comes at a critical time of the year, with not only colder weather upon us but also unpredictable storms that can cause power outages,” said Deputy Chief Mark Morris, Knoxville Fire Department. “We are pleased to receive this generous donation that serves as a reminder to all of us to install working carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms to help stay safe.”

The fire departments will speak more about the effort to get all families to install CO alarms during a news conference on Tuesday, February 16.