Tulare, CA – No one was injured when a natural gas explosion did extensive damage to a Tulare home Thursday morning.

The explosion — which blew glass from windows, a door from its frame and moved cabinets and walls throughout the residence — occurred about 9:55 a.m. at a residence at 315 South Pratt St.

Traffic stopped

Southbound traffic on Pratt was blocked off for about an hour.

Tulare Fire Department Investigator Frank Furtaw said the explosion is a typical example of a gas leak that builds up and explodes when a home appliance creates a spark.

“This is textbook,” he said.

The explosion took place in the laundry room, creating a small fire that was quickly extinguished.

House damaged

The explosion’s force opened cabinets, moved the walls, melted blinds, shattered windows and blew the door off its frame. Clothing and household items were also damaged.

Tulare Fire Battalion Chief Willard Epps said the explosion took place when the owner of the house arrived to mow the lawn.