Kenosha, WI- What was believed to be a natural-gas explosion leveled a vacant house in Kenosha, Wis., late Monday night. Flying debris and shock waves from the blast damaged homes three blocks away.

“Everything flew off my walls,” said Amanda Quiroz, who lives across the street from the blast site. “The walls kind of caved in and started cracking. I thought someone hit the house with a car.”

Shattered glass scattered over her children as they slept in their beds. “It could have killed my whole family,” she said.

The explosion, which occurred around 11 p.m., was felt at least three miles away.

No one was seriously injured, just “small scrapes, bumps and bruises due to shattered glass and individuals falling due to the shock waves of the explosion,” Kenosha Fire Chief John Thomsen said.

The two-story house that was leveled at 55th Street and 22nd Avenue was owned by the city as part of a rehab program, Thomsen said.

Preliminary investigation indicated a natural-gas explosion, he said, and natural gas was turned off in the area as a precaution.