ME – Ice from the roof falls and strikes propane line. Explosion then rips through condo.

Firefighters arrived the the Eden Ridge Condos in Bethel just after 9:15. The explosion sparked a fire and sent debris flying up to 300 feet.

Sgt. Ken Grimes with the State Fire Marshal’s office says a chunk of ice broke off the roof and hit the main propane supply line. He says the propane vented into the building and some sort of ignition caused the blast.

Grimes says three neighbors sustained minor injuries. One man was taken to the hospital but he has been released.

Larry Wolbarsht was in his condo next door when he heard the blast.

“Very loud, it almost knocked me of the couch. There was a big puff of air that came traveling through my unit, enough to blow off one of these glass sliding windows,” Wolbarsht said.

The Condos are a combination of rental and year round properties that are heated with propane.