North Platte, NE – A North Platte family is very grateful to be alive after they were rushed to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning Sunday night.

The family returned to their apartment Monday, and their landlord came to check on them. When Chris Brown arrived, he immediately noticed something was wrong.

Brown heard the carbon monoxide alarm beeping in his camper, which was in the storage unit behind the apartment. Then, he called the gas company and immediately moved them out.

The family said the alarm in their apartment first started going off late Saturday night. They changed the batteries and reset the alarm. They thought they were safe.

The mother, Donna McBride-Goforth, said things changed on Sunday. Her children became violently ill, complaining of headaches and vomiting. That’s when she knew something was seriously wrong and she called the sheriff’s office.

They told her to get out immediately. The whole family was taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. McBride-Goforth said she is grateful that her family is safe.

“Now that I look back (on it),” McBride-Goforth said, “we shouldn’t have (brushed it off) because if we’d stayed longer, it’d been worse. Carbon monoxide is something that you don’t smell. It just happens and I’m just grateful we got out when we did.”

McBride-Goforth hopes people learn from their mistake. She urges people to listen to their carbon monoxide alarm, and get out when it starts beeping.