Birmingham, AL – A month after a woman was killed in a natural gas explosion in Marks Village, a letter posted on doors throughout the community warns of possible gas leaks.

More gas smells and leaks could be present in unknown locations throughout the property, according to letters posted on each unit’s door by the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District.

Tyrennis LaVal Mabry, 40, was killed Dec. 17, when a natural gas explosion ripped through the apartment building where she was staying with her fiancé and others. Eight others were injured in the explosion.

Several lawsuits have been filed in the wake of the explosion, most recently a wrongful death suit filed by Mabry’s family.

Alagasco has been digging and making repairs throughout Marks Village, the letters say. If residents suspect a gas leak, they should move to a safe place and call 911, Alagasco and the Housing Authority.

To protect residents, the housing authority plans to move families from the site.

“All residents who have requested transfers are approved to move to another HABD site where apartments are available that fit your family,” the letter says. The management office will contact other residents about their housing situation.

Aza Ames, who lives near the explosion site, said everybody found the notes posted on their door Friday, but they don’t expect to receive further information until this week.

She is worried about the safety of the children who live with her and others who live nearby. She said she has smelled gas several times and reported the smell at least once.

Ames also is concerned about where her family could be moved. Because she does not have a car, she has to walk everywhere, particularly to buy groceries.

“I can’t live too far away from anything,” she said.

Acquinetta Moore, who has lived in Marks Village on and off for nearly 20 years, said she does not want to move. She said most Section 8 housing is full, so she is not sure how an influx of Marks Village residents could be accommodated elsewhere.

“I think they should just start from the top and move back and fix the pipes,” Moore said, adding that other improvements are also needed.