Sardis, West VA – Carolyn Criss knew something was wrong as soon as she woke up Wednesday morning.

“When I got out of bed I felt light-headed, woozy, and I didn’t feel like me,” she said.

But it wasn’t until her husband couldn’t get out of bed that she realized how serious her problem was. The cause of the problem? Her furnace.

“When I went into the bedroom to try to wake him up something clicked in my head,” said Criss. “I knew it was Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.”

It started when a piece of the roof broke off and blocked the home’s venhilation system. The toxic air from the furnace sent Criss and her husband to the hospital.

She says the experience taught her family a valuable lesson.

Criss says since being poisoned, her family has installed carbon monoxide detectors. They keep their windows cracked and they make sure their alarm clock is working. Her doctors say that made the difference. “They said we were very lucky and very lucky I heard that alarm clock,” she said. “So the alarm clock saved our lives.”