Austin, TX – Five adults and one teenager were hospitalized Sunday morning for symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning at a home in East Austin.

At least one of the individuals treated briefly lost consciousness, according to Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services. All had measured levels of exposure to carbon monoxide 10 times above normal.

Emergency personnel responded to the 4500 block of Little Hill Circle at about 7:45 a.m. All individuals at the residence had preliminary symptoms for carbon monoxide poisoning, including headaches and nausea, Commander Mike Benavides said.

They were taken to St. David’s Medical Center where they may be treated in a hyperbaric chamber to bring up oxygen levels in their blood. Investigators believe a carbon monoxide leak resulted from roofing work that had been recently performed on the home, Benavides said.

It was the second time Austin-Travis County EMS has used cardiac monitors that can measure carbon monoxide levels since they were installed about a month ago in all ambulances.

“It’s already in the first month of roll out paying dividends to the community as far as safety and welfare,” Benavides said.