Huntington, NY – The Suffolk County Police Department is investigating the deaths of two men and one woman, who were found unconscious on a Long Island houseboat Tuesday evening. They believe the group fell victim to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Police say they received a 911 call at around 9 p.m. about three unconscious adults on a houseboat in Huntington Harbor. Officers in a dinghy rowed to the houseboat, which was about 200 feet offshore.

They discovered the three people and removed them to a small dock to perform CPR and await other rescue personnel.

The victims were transported to Huntington Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

The victims were identified as Juan Torres, 43, of Huntington Station; Patrick Franklin, 45, of Port Jefferson, and Susan Franklin, 44, of Port Jefferson. The Franklins were husband and wife.

Police discovered a portable generator on the boat, and they suspect it may be the cause of the poisonous fumes.

It is unclear if there was a functional carbon monoxide detector on the houseboat.

The investigation is ongoing.