New Castle County, DE – Two people were transported to the hospital suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning after reportedly using a grill to heat their home.

On Feb. 12, New Castle County paramedics and EMS as well as firefighters responded to the 900 block of Old Harmony Road after receiving reports that an occupant of the home was ill.

Upon their entrance into the home, the carbon monoxide detector attached to one of the paramedics began to sound, indicating a CO level of 540 parts per million inside the residence.

Officials say the two men inside the home had been attempting to heat the structure with a charcoal grill.

The 39-year-old male who was ill was treated with high-concentration oxygen and taken to Christiana Hospital. A second male, 66, was also treated and transported. Both patients were admitted in stable condition.

Officials are reminding residents to take certain precautions related to carbon monoxide poisoning during power outages. That includes keeping gas appliances properly adjusted, refraining from using grills indoors and most importantly, making sure there is a working carbon monoxide detector inside their home.